I had been struggling with pain over the front of my left thigh for over a year. Since most asanas are based on forward bends I was able to continue with practice but I felt pain in many poses, even with simple poses like Virabhadrasana and Virasana. Dr. Kowal quickly determined that a combination of mild strains in the thigh and compensatory contractions in my hips were the root cause of my pain. He used interesting myofascial techniques while I moved through different positions. I am now fully back to my practice and I’m moving, carefully, forward. I would recommend his work to anyone who has been living with a chronic injury. He is a joy to work with.

Susan S.
New York

I have had a long time yoga practice but I ended up injuring myself playing basketball. I went to see Dr. Kowal about low back pain and pretty strong pain in the butt and leg. He doesn’t work like a typical chiropractor or PT. He does a lot of hands-on work, no machines, and he had a lot of insight not just about my injury but also about other parts of the body which might have ‘set me up’ for getting injured in the first place. Also, after I was better, he tested me in different postures to make sure I was really ready to go back to practice. Great guy, very knowledgeable, highly recommended.

Steve. R
New York

Dr. Richard Kowal is a gifted and sensitive healer. He combines a highly intuitive approach to the body with a deep well of knowledge and experience. He is able to choose from a broad variety of mostly non-force techniques that are both gentle and effective to suit each individual patient. I personally have been a patient of his for over 15 years for a variety of dance-related musclo-skeletal problems. I regularly, and with great confidence, refer patients to him for chiropractic care.

Naomi Rabinowitz, M.D.
Medical Director Emeritus, Turning Point Acupuncture
New York

I have worked and consulted with Dr. Richard Kowal for over ten years. He is one of the most talented and caring chiropractors I have worked with. There are many musculoskeletal conditions that do not respond to an initial period of rest and anti-inflammatory medications. Many will respond to chiropractic care including gentle manipulation, massage and modalities. Dr. Kowal has great expertise in these techniques and in many of my patients, they have been very effective. In addition, he is a kind and caring practitioner. His patients adore him, as do I.

Marvin S. Gilbert, M.D.
Clinical Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Mount Sinai Medical Center

I have worked with Richard Kowal for the past 15 years. He is a talented chiropractor who specializes in very gentle and effective techniques for resolving musculo-skeletal problems. I believe that every Internal Medicine practice should be associated with a chiropractor of Dr. Kowal's caliber. I would personally refer anyone to him.

Carol Diamond, M.D.
Internal Medicine
New York